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Robust SLA 3D printing technology with industrial Grade Manufacturing systems

Soonser Mars Pro 600 SLA 3D Printer

Mars pro series

mars pro 600 sla 3d printer marble platform

Grade 00 marble platform enhance stability with excellent strength and precision while unaffected by temperature or environment. Highly stability ensures an industry-leading print quality, speed and precision.

Suit for prototyping, production and nearly any application. Patent intelligent VarioSpot module boost production speeds that are up to 3x faster than other production systems. The curing speed of SLA allows for faster parts build as well as accurate printing, and it reduces the need for post-processing. It helps to shorten time-to-market effectively.

Intelligent Module
multi material support

SoonSer Mars Pro is best 3d printer for prototyping, has an open resin system design for a great material flexibility covering various of applications or for the creation of future resin material specific to industry needs, from prototyping to the end-use part production, casting patterns, molds, tooling, fixtures and medical models, meeting different demands.

Let the software get everything done for you! With an easy-to-navigate interface, SoonSer software allows for reporting capability, providing insight such as hardware usage and part traceability. The software is driven by customer feedback, offering ongoing performance and functionality improvements

Soonser Mars easy-to-navigate interface
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