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Unlease the Potential of Industrial 3D Printing

Our all products are Made-In-India which are Manufactured with Engineering Precision and Quality to perform as a versatile machine.

All machines are capable to print various techno polymer filaments with high surface finish and accuracy.


Fully optimised custom design 3d printer with industrial grade Linear guide XY gantry supported by z-axis ball screws.

The key feature includes:

7.0" touch screen, LED light, sturdy metal frame, fully enclosed body, 0.4 - 1.2mm nozzle, 3kg filament. (Heated Chamber optional)

Build Volume: 1000*1000*1100 mm   
Machine Size: 1864*1245*1740 mm   
Shipping Size: 1890*1350*1930 mm   
Net Weight: 600 kg    
Gross Weight:700 kg    

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