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3D Designing &

3d modelling

We are profeesional designers, who can help you in giving perfect share to your Ideas into CAD Modellinbg


Why Choose US

Have a problem that needs solving? Whether starting from scratch or with ideas of your own, we can generate a brief and explore concepts to progress your project to the next level.


Our concepts are always function driven. We pride ourselves in producing concepts that are feasible in terms of cost and 'manufacturability'.

We design products that work. Our products work, every time.


We design products that people love. The form of our designs is always driven by the function. The aesethic is often driven by 'pure' functional geometries which results in a form that is clean and timeless.

What We Offer

3D modelling.JPG

CAD Modelling Service & Concept generation

We will help develop a 3D CAD design of your product that you can use for 3D printing, prototyping & mass production. The file we create for you can be sent to any 3D printing, prototyping & mass production company in the world so you don’t have to stay with us after the design is complete (but we’d love it if you did!).

product development drone.jpg

Product Development

The product development must be both reliable and versatile.

We check sizes, shapes, and proportions again and again, until you get it right. Eliminate any potential production bottlenecks or design flaws.

reverse engineering.jpg

Reverse Engineering

We have extensive experience designing parts for 3D printing and mass production using the latest 3D design software. This means we can reverse engineer your original components to create a 3D file which can then be used to replicate your parts using 3D printing.


Miniature & Model Designing

3D Printed Miniatures are grooming the market.

Vektor3DS can design and develop for you.

scupture design.jpg

Sculpture & Character Designing

We can design any sculpture, Character or a model using image.

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